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Dollar nestles at the foot of the Ochils and hillwalkers will find the access to the hills from the property is easy: a quick stroll up the Burnside, with a stunning display of cherry blossom in the Spring, a short walk up through the beautiful and tranquil Dollar Glen leads to Castle Campbell from where paths lead on to the hills. Various combinations of Kingseat (648 M), Andrew Gannel (670 M), Ben Cleuch (721M), Whitewisp (643 M) and Tarmangie (645 M) are all easily doable in a morning for a reasonably fit walker. Despite their relatively small heights, it is always blowy on the tops and clouds and mist can make a safe descent challenging. In winter only competent and well equipped walkers should venture far. The views from the top of the Ochils are well worth the effort: the Forth road and rail bridges can be seen as well as the high peaks of the Cairngorms. On the way down, the Castle Campbell tea room makes a fine stop.

For those who find walking just too slow, Ochil Hill Runners are the people to chase.

The undiscovered Scotland website has many fine pictures.

A walk to Glen Devon can be rewarded with a visit to the Tormaukin Country Inn for refreshment.

This Google map shows a few of the local landmarks.

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